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The Volo Press Den
A haven for readers and writers!

Right now...


...there is a writing group who just had their 'usual table' usurped by some high school study group preparing for a final exam. 



...there is a an expensive carpet and a glass of wine that are about to ruin the civility of a monthly book club in a member's home.



... there is an indie author who could take the literary world by storm, if they only had an affordable place to hold a book signing!


...there is a parent who desperately wishes they had a quiet, comfortable place to go and just read because it calms their mind and gives them time away from children and pets.


Right now, there is no place for these people to go and find everything that they need.

Volo Press wants to create that place.

Send check or money order made out to "Tenesha Curtis" to:

Volo Press
P. O. Box 1084
Clarkston, GA 30021


'The Den' by Volo Press

In its final version, 'The Den' will have sites all over the country, possibly the world, and will be a highly automated experience.

Enter the facility with your mobile-app-based membership card. Use the app to reserve an individual carrel for working on your next novel, polishing your business plan, or reading comfortably, well away from all the distractions in your home or neighborhood--including a 1,000+ square foot, climate-controlled courtyard under a glass ceiling. Let the sun in, keep the rain out, and keep reading!

Use your membership to reserve group rooms where you can hold your own book signings, seminars, writing classes, book clubs, poetry slams, critique groups, and more.

Visit any of the vending machines throughout the facility to purchase books, writing utensils, reading accessories, apparel, food, and beverages, all using your smartphone, credit card, or cash.

Like that dazzling, ebony writing desk on display? Buy it through the app and take it home immediately. Not only are you getting a desired item, you are helping fuel the local economy because that piece (and all the others like it in the building) was created by a local crafts-person who will receive your payment within 48 hours.

Been feeling some intermittent numbness in your fingers? Advertisements spaced throughout the facility can help you find a doctor or physical therapist who can help you cope with what may be the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome--a common ailment of avid readers and prolific writers.

Work third shift? No problem. Because it is fully automated, The Den is accessible to members 24-hours a day, unlike bookstores or libraries.

We all get one step closer to this vision becoming a reality when you choose to donate and share this opportunity to give with people you know who want to support small businesses.



But let's not get ahead of ourselves. It all starts with a donation...


Chapter 1: Initial Stage of Development

The first thing Volo Press needs to do in order to eventually make The Den a reality is to open a physical store. Your donations will help make this happen.

Volo Press has been present at flea markets and peddler's malls, but having a standalone store is going to be the first step toward creating the final vision of The Den as a 24-hour, fully automated facility.

The first store will provide:

  • Literary lifestyle products for sale (Reader's Oil, books, pens, paper, pencils, calendars, bookshelves, laptops, e-readers, mobile device cases, fiction-inspired apparel, etc.).
  • Consignment opportunities for readers getting rid of extra items, writers promoting their latest work, and local artisans providing quality items at reasonable prices.
  • Advertising opportunities for local entities tied to the literary market such as eye doctors, physical therapists, literary agents, publishers, directors, writers groups, book clubs, writing conferences, and others.
  • Event space for individual work and study, literacy classes for children and adults, writing groups, book clubs, table readings of scripts, book signings, and more.
  • A community of writers and readers who grow to appreciate their hobby and craft even more by having a space created with literature in mind every step of the way.





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