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Reader's Oil

A Volo Press Original

Everyone can use a little boost of moisture for their skin throughout the day. If you handle paper regularly (signing documents, reading books, sorting mail, etc.) your hands are having a little bit of moisture sapped from them all throughout the day. Even people who wash dishes, cars, children, or pets can succumb to skin dryness and even irritation and itching when they've finished these kinds of tasks.

BONUS: I just found out from a customer that Reader's Oils work great as bathroom odor containers (think Poo-Pourri, but less expensive!). Reader's Oil does double duty! 😀

Reader's Oil is a blend of grapeseed and apricot  kernel oil that provides light, long-lasting, non-greasy skin protection. Being non-greasy is especially important when you will be handling paper after application.

With an added touch of fragrance to give you a taste of aroma therapy with each application, Reader's Oil is a great tool to use throughout your work day or weekend.

Get Reader's Oil:

  • As a gift for a librarian, CEO, bookworm, mail clerk, or receptionist.
  • For you own home library.
  • To carry with you while you work, run errands, and party.
  • To help out a friend you know has chronically dry skin.
  • As a way to freshen up before a date or interview.
  • As wedding favors for your ceremony guests.
  • As party favors for a graduation, homecoming, anniversary, or birthday celebration.
  • As a 'Welcome' to a new co-worker or neighbor.
  • As a Secret Santa gift (low price, huge impact!).
  • To add to a gift basket for any occasion.
  • To add to a care package for a faraway college student or soldier.


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