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 Current Volo Press Proofers

Audra G. of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tamaria O. of Riverdale, Georgia

Tamira B. of Lawrenceville, Georgia

Tawnya W. of Louisville, Kentucky

Charles C. of Louisville, Kentucky

Bailey M. of Boston, Massachusetts

Tara O. of Lawrenceville, Georgia

Kendra D. of Marietta, Georgia

J'nai W.  of Rex, Georgia

If you would like to join the Volo Press Proofer List, please complete the form below. If a book does well enough to make it viable, Volo Press will even be willing to send you some monetary compensation. However, this should be seen as a possible bonus. Volo Press wants people who truly enjoy reading, editing, and publishing and want to work on these kinds of projects because of that love. Being a proofer means you will receive drafts of manuscripts via postal mail and follow these steps:

  1. Read the manuscript, writing notes on the pages along the way. This means writing down questions you have about the plot, problems you see with a scene, missing words, grammatical issues, or anything else you think the author might need to know to make the final version as strong as possible.
  2. Return the marked up manuscript to Volo Press. You'll be provided with an envelope and return postage.
  3. Write a review when you get your free book. You will be able to do this with Amazon, Goodreads, iTunes/iBooks, and Barnes and Noble.
  4. Tell everyone about the book. The best way to increase your chance of receiving monetary compensation is to boost the success of the book by telling friends, family members, students, co-workers, social media connections, your local libraries, your local bookstores, and even business contacts about the book.

Please understand that failure to complete any of these steps may result in you being dropped from the list. 




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