Publisher Seeks Producer for Latest Audio Book

CLARKSTON, GA, June 4, 2017– As of midnight on May 31st, Volo Press found itself without a producer for its latest book, Show Her. Now, it is opening auditions up to the public via the Audible (Amazon) site in order to draw talent from all across the world.

"It's an unfortunate and bizarre circumstance," says T. L. Curtis, Founder and CEO of Volo Press. "We had a producer who actually recorded the entire piece, then didn't finalize the project by the due date of May 31st. Now we've got to start over from square one."

California radio DJ Don Abad was hired to take on the project. He had recorded and submitted the entire book for final revision requests. But, according to Curtis, once the revisions were requested, there was no response.

"I thought maybe he was just working on it. Got busy with some other projects, you know. But I never heard back from him. At this point, it's time to make sure the project gets done at all. I hate it though, since he had done a good job over all."

Volo Press invites interested parties to submit auditions at

The audition script is available on the ACX website.

Show Her is a dystopian, psychological thriller that follows the story of Erika Wogo as she battles threats to her marriage and her "perfect" life. The book currently holds more than 4.5 stars on, 3.5 stars on, and 4 stars at


For more information, T. L. Curtis can be contacted at or 404-666-1126.



Indie Company Raises Mean $150 Daily in First Week


CLARKSTON, GA, May 22, 2017– As of midnight on May 20th, just 7 days after beginning its first fundraising drive, secured $990 in donations from throughout the region. That's an average of $150 per day.

"There are a lot of people who feel strongly about supporting businesses that are small, independent, run by people of color, owned by women, and based in the United States. By supporting Volo Press, you do all five at the same time," says Tenesha Curtis, Founder of Volo Press, in response to the steady support her company has received so far.

The funds will be used for the creation of a new site called "The Den." This establishment will cater to everyone who loves to read, write, or do both--which is often the case. While this first store will be a very small version of what The Den is meant to become, this project will eventually take on a form that will supplement libraries and challenge spaces like Barnes and Noble.

"At a lot of book stores, you have noisy kids running around, loudspeaker announcements begging you for sales, and sparse seating since they don't really want you lounging around anyway if you're not gonna buy anything, " says Curtis. "'The Den' will be a space where you can read and write in a relaxed, comfortable, quiet--but not silent, like a library--environment. This is great for entrepreneurs who aren't ready to start paying rent for an office space, but need a place to focus and get work done. Students would also benefit since it is away from many of the on-campus distractions, such as bothersome roommates.  It will also offer affordable meeting space for writing groups, book club meetings, book signings, poetry slams, and other literary events."

Curtis hopes to open this first independent, physical extension of her business before the end of the year.

Donations can be made by sending check or money order made out to 'Tenesha Curtis' to:

Volo Press

P. O. Box 1084

Clarkston, GA 30021

or visiting the project page on the Volo Press website at



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Georgia Author Publicizes Nauseating Opening of New Book

CLARKSTON, GA, March 27, 2017– On Monday, the blog published the opening chapter of owner T. L. Curtis' new novella Show Her. The work is set in 2090 Louisville, Kentucky and follows the story of “Erika” as she struggles to maintain her reputation and sense of identity in the face of multiple infidelities by her husband as nearly the entire city looks to her for relationship advice. The book is set for release on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 across multiple major online book platforms such as, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

Advanced reviewers have reported that this first chapter did everything from sicken them to bring them to tears. Reviewer comments include:

"...I had tears in my eyes." (Stella, Louisville, Kentucky)

"It haunted me for weeks." (Amy, Stone Mountain, Georgia)

"People in the writing groups I belong to have even said it made them mildly nauseous," T. L. Curtis comments. "I wasn't aiming for that response in particular, but I am glad that the writing was vivid enough to elicit strong reactions one way or another."

Show Her opens with Erika being molested by her father. Curtis states that, though the scene has been labeled as “graphic” and “intense,” it is necessary for the reader to be able to understand some of Erika's future choices in life. Curtis is a licensed psychotherapist who is transitioning away from the field of social services to focus on a career in writing. She uses her clinical background to inform her character development and storytelling.

Show Her will also be available for download and mail delivery orders at  Gifting-giving is also available by ordering multiple copies and then noting the email or mailing addresses to which customers would like the book sent.

Volo Press creates and recommends literary lifestyle products for readers and writers, including book accessories, tablet accessories, writing utensils and tips, book and product reviews, and more.


"If you read or write for pleasure or pay (or both), is a great resource," T. L. Curtis said of her site.

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