Here are some great opportunities if you would like to get involved in independent publishing (and maybe even make a few bucks along the way!).


Become an Editor 

If you have a knack for rearranging words for clarity, catching plot holes and logic errors, or shaping a good story into a great one, we want you on the team! Pay is 'per job,' so you get more per hour based on how quickly you complete a project. A safe bet is about $75 per hour. Email to request a test passage.

Become a Cartel Member

By far, the most challenging of the positions on this page! Being a member of the Curtis Cartel means that you will be sent electronic versions of near-publishable manuscripts that you will fully read, critique, and publicly review. The deadlines are tight and strict, so if you don't think you can devote the time it takes to complete assignments as given (including reading, critiquing, and reviewing a novel in as little as 30 days), please don't waste time and energy applying.

Click here to apply if you think you have what it takes.

Join the Volo Press Artists List

If you have any sort of artistic talent that can be packaged and distributed across the Internet, this is a great opportunity to show the world how creative you are!

By joining the Volo Press Artists List, you will receive notification 1 - 3 times per year when a new book is being published.

Read the book, choose a particular section of the book (or the overall work) to interpret, and apply your talent to it.

Once complete, you will submit your work and it will become part of Volo Press' overall marketing strategy to help (you AND us) build a following.

View the sign-up form, along with a few more details, here:  Volo Press Artists List


Become a Voice Actor

3 completed audiobooks published so far!

Volo Press plans to produce audiobooks for nearly all of its print and digital books. If you would like to audition for one of our projects, just follow any of the live links below. If you subscribe to the Volo Press blog, or follow Volo Press on social media. you will be notified of when auditions open because there will be a dedicated blog post about it.



Voice Actor

Producers / Voice Actors Needed for Audio Book Projects

The Genician

 Now Accepting Auditions

Submit audition recording at ACX:





Feign II: The Downfall

Lance Rasmussen has secured this position. This project has been completed.


Show Her

Don Abad has secured this position. This project has been completed.

Feign I










Leanne Yau has secured this position. This project has been completed.





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