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If you love to read, can follow simple instructions, and can write in a clear and concise manner, this is a great opportunity for you to help shape manuscripts, get recognized for your contribution, and share any of the work that you like with other bookworms like yourself!

Vetting Process

  • Click 'Apply Now' to complete the application form, which includes a short test of your writing skills and allows you to share some information about you as a reader.
  • If your application test is accepted, you'll be emailed your introductory assignment (about 20,000 words) within 48 hours.
  • If you can complete the assignment satisfactorily and within 10 days, you'll be inducted into the Cartel.

Note: If the Cartel has a waiting list, you will be added to the waiting list. The faster you finish--while maintaining quality--the higher up on the list you'll be placed. Even if someone applied after you did, if they were able to complete the entire assignment first, they will be placed higher up on the list. 


As a member of the cartel, every 3 to 6 months you'll be sent a manuscript to critique and review.

Once the piece is published, you'll be eligible for a portion of the profits generated from any sales secured within the first 60 days after the book launch.

Once you're inducted, you'll receive an FAQ that explains all the details.


Current Applicant Statuses

This table will be updated throughout each week with new applicants, rejections, and inductions. Pay attention to your due date and remember that you will only be inducted after all three steps outlined in your email have been completed by the due date and are up to standards.


Applicant Completed Application Assigned Feign (Assignment Due Date) Completed Critique Form Completed Online Review Inducted Into Curtis Cartel
Sta Bev 3-22-17 3-24-17 (3-30-17) 3-29-17 3-29-17 3-29-17
Wil Can 3-16-17 3-17-17 (3-22-17) 3-21-17 3-21-17 3-24-17
Sus Ber 3-23-17 3-24-17 (3-30-17) 3-26-17 3-26-17 3-27-17
Lau Gre 4-8-17 4-9-17 (4-18-17) 4-9-17 4-9-17 4-9-17
Ash Pat 2-17-17 2-17-17 (2-22-17) Incomplete Incomplete Ineligible
Tat Tho 1-23-17 1-24-17 (2-25-17) Incomplete Incomplete Ineligible
 Vic Fig  2-18-17  2-19-17 (2-23-17)  Incomplete Incomplete Ineligible
 Ric Bar 2-19-17  2-20-17 (2-25-17)  2-25-17  2-25-17  2-25-17
 Shi Bow  2-20-17  2-20-17 (2-25-17)  2-20-17  2-20-17  2-20-17
 Don Car  2-21-17  2-21-17 (2-26-17)  2-23-17  2-23-17  2-23-17

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