Positions Still Available:


No new applications are being accepted at this time. Please check back after September 1st, 2017. If members have resigned or failed to meet membership eligibility requirements, applications will open once again in order to fill those vacant slots. Thank you for your interest! 

Current Applicant Statuses

This list will be updated throughout each week with new applicants, rejections, and inductions.

Pay attention to your due date and remember that you will only be inducted after all three steps outlined in your email have been completed by the due date and are up to standards.

Applications currently closed. 

Current Members

Jus Fre   |   Mac Joh   |   Pal Cos

Ric Bal   |   Wil Can     |   Sus Ber

Vic Dea  |   Tar Llo      |  Sta Bev

Bet Dia   |   Sar Hna    |   Nic Bro

Fra Mcp  |  Ken Bai     |   Sea Cor

Mel Hal