Sadly, lots of authors end up paying for services and products they could have received for free. Noticing this, I wanted to offer my thrifty wisdom. Sometimes people are tech savvy, they just didn't know certain options were available for cheap or free. Other times, people struggle with using technology in general and literally just need someone to slowly and compassionately walk them through the processes.

Starting as low as $10, I will speak to you via phone or in-person meeting (must meet in a public space, during daylight hours, somewhere within about 5 miles of Decatur, Georgia). This is a great opportunity to ask questions and hear about experiences that I've had as an independent author that are specifically geared towards what you are trying to accomplish as an author--and how I did it on the cheap!

Often, I can answer a few simple questions within 15 or 30 minutes. Only true newbies who need a from-scratch setup would normally be using consultation times over 30 minutes.

Here are some of the areas where I see people waste precious time and money the most, posed as questions I wish they had asked me before they starting spending:

  • Don't I have to pay a vanity publisher hundreds or thousands of dollars to publish my book? NO!!! There are multiple ways to get this done for free (including creating an audio book!), and some ways to get it done for loads cheaper than paying a vanity publisher. Save that money for promotion or fan giveaways or something way more useful that just getting the book produced! 


  • Don't I have to hire someone to create an author or book website for me? No. If you're not trying to do anything more complicated than what I've done with, you can easily create and manage your site yourself. Unless you just don't have the time or desire to do it, there's no reason to pay someone else to. 


  • Don't I have to have a separate website / social media page for each book that I publish? Not necessarily. This is extremely difficult to manage once you've written more than a few books. Can you imagine setting up and managing a Facebook page for your 15th novel? This means managing all 15 of those pages, PLUS your author page, author site, and author social media profiles. You don't need to work quite this hard. We can discuss this in detail during your author consultation.


  • I want to be able to get paid via credit and debit card while at trade shows and book festivals. Don't I need to buy a card reader for this.Again, not necessarily. Basic credit card readers are very often absolutely free. We can discuss your mobile sales needs (for book fairs, writing conferences, or just at your booth or store in a shopping center) to figure out which might work best for you. 


  • Shouldn't I pay someone to set up a PayPal business account for me?  Never. This is simple and fast. Don't pay someone hundreds of dollars to do this for you! I will take it as a personal offense for you to waste that kind of money. 
  • Don't I have to pay organizations hundreds of dollars to get my book reviewed or proofread? No. Shameless plug = I offer affordable proofreading services and review-posting servicesHowever, if you're willing to put in a little time and effort, there are a couple of ways you can get your work proofread (and even reviewed) for no money at all. During your author consultation, we can discuss which methods may be better for your unique situation. 


Ready to get started?

Purchase your consultation length (15 minutes up to an hour) and type (phone call or in-person meeting) below. Remember that in-person meetings need to be very near Decatur, Georgia.

Once your payment has cleared, I will email you my availability for the coming week based on which kind of meeting you chose. HINT: The easiest consultation to schedule is also the cheapest--the 15-minute phone call!

Notes on consultations:

  • No partial or full refunds will be given. I recommend estimating needing about 5 minutes for each question that you have. That'd be 3 questions in 15 minutes, 6 questions in 30 minutes, etc. You'd rather end the conversation having more questions than waste time by not having enough questions to fill the time you purchased.
  • You may reschedule if you need to once. For example, if you schedule a 15-minute call for Friday at noon, but text me to reschedule for Saturday at 10:00 a.m., that's fine. If you cancel Saturday's call as well, you will have to purchase the service again.
  • 2-minute grace periods are built into each request. This allows you a little extra time to do things like find a place to plug in your phone so it won't die during the conversation or move to a quieter area of your building. So you really are getting a full 30 minutes (for example) of consultation time with time built in for introductions and good-byes.
  • If I need to reschedule, that doesn't count against you.
  • If a call is dropped, that doesn't count against you. For example, if you were 10 minutes into a 15-minute consultation and your phone dies or our signal is lost, I will call you back to finish those last 5 minutes if you need them.