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How Trump and E. L. James Cured My Anxiety

For whatever reason, I actually felt less and less nervous about publishing my first novella the closer the release date

Character Development: Children’s Roles: Mascot

Creating a Mascot for your fiction can help make a particular character seem more realistic in the eyes of your readers. _________________________________________________________________________________________

Character Development: Children’s Roles: Lost Child

Creating a Lost Child for your story can help make a character more realistic in the eyes of the reader. __________

Writer’s Tax Deductions

There are many tax deductions currently available to independent contractors. Make sure you’re not missing out on any of these

Meme: Summary of My Graduate School Experience

A+ every time. ^_^!

Character Development: Children’s Roles: Scapegoat

Creating a Scapegoat for your story can help make characters more realistic in the eyes of the reader. __________  

Character Development: Write the Walk

Who knew you could tell so much about a character from the way they walk?!   __________ It may seem

3 Hot Pens That Love Your Budget

Here are a few pens that give you a little taste of luxury without sending you to the poorhouse. __________

Character Development: Children’s Roles: The Family Hero

Creating a Family Hero for your story can help strengthen character motivations and make your readers relate to them more.,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNGQCg9JwAv6ZzxN7HDo0ekRr2DclA&ust=1482212427691600

Character Development: Always

Character development and plot management: Used just right, ‘always’ can get someone dumped (and maybe even divorced!).   __________  

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