3 Major Health Benefits of Reading

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Your love of reading is not only fun, it’s probably helping to keep you mentally fit in these three ways.


Reduced Stress

When our minds become overwhelmed with everyday tasks or even one major life crisis, our brains don’t function at their best. For your number-lovers, reading books has been shown to offer up to a 68% reduction in stress levels. And it doesn’t carry the risks that heavy alcohol consumption, gambling, or even thrill-seeking (such as sky diving or base jumping) can bring.


Higher Intelligence

Reading makes you smarter. If you didn’t already know this, understand that there is scientific evidence to confirm that fact. Reading can strengthen various kinds of thinking related to elevated intelligence. This includes problem-solving, deductive reasoning, and compassion and empathy. People who grow up without being able to think about more than one way to fix an issue, breaking down situations into more basic parts, and understanding that not everyone in the world does (or must) think and behave the exact same way that they do tend to have more negative consequences throughout their lives. These problems could include a stifled social development, difficulty learning, even blatant xenophobia.



Stronger Memory

Because reading affects these various processes in the brain, it can actually help strengthen your memory. This is great news for people (like me!) who have a family history of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. Even as children, teens, and adults, having a stronger memory can help during tests, at job interviews, and networking events.

Just 3 more reasons why reading is awesome! Read on!