Happy Birthday, Ruby!

I hate this bitch, but a lot of you don’t (for whatever reason). Well, Ruby is turning a whopping 7 years old (about 45 in dog years) today. After surviving ring worm and a hernia (and subsequent hernia repair surgery), she’s still inhaling and exhaling. Feel free to follow her profiles on Facebook and Instagram. She has nearly 100 followers on Instagram. Can you believe that shit?!



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iPhone X: Write On

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You’ve probably been reading about the Apple iPhone X all day. Now that you have some idea of what kinds of features will be available on the latest iPhone from Apple, get your creative juices flowing by answering some questions about iPhone X as only a fiction author can. Some of these question-prompts may sound absurd, but many plot lines have started off “bizarre” and ended up in a fascinating, exciting, or even a very scary place that offers a strong story line for audiences.

How does someone who has just been mauled or severely burned on their face call for help with the iPhone X if they’re alone?

Could Apple use all those shots of faces to create a database of the most beautiful people (in their opinion) to keep alive and kill all the rest?

How does the AirPower mat feel about charging devices to do things, but never being able to go out and see the world itself?

Why did Apple stop with facial recognition on the iPhone X? Why not bio-recognition (blood, hair, skin, etc.)?

Why isn’t the iPhone X screen completely wrap-around?

In how many different ways could the level of realism of the augmented reality from iPhone X end with someone’s death? What happens when someone tries to hold Apple responsible?

The neural engine can only be created by harvesting a human cerebrum. How does Apple get so many of those in their possession in order to create their stock of iPhone Xs?

Does Apple offer any kind of compensation for a twin using their siblings’ ApplePay account without permission?



Think deep and WRITE ON! 😀


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iphone x volo press


Guess the Doodle

This gathering of scribbles–surprisingly–is actually meant to be a classic entity, but in human form. Can you guess who?


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