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Show Her

Psychological Thriller | Feminist Literature | Literary Fiction

"The first chapter haunted me for weeks..." Amy, Stone Mountain, GA (Advanced Reviewer)

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Show Her Description

In 2070, Erika Wogo lives as the perfect woman. She's obedient to her husband (commonly called 'master'), has a body everyone wants to have or own, and lives in the lap of luxury after spending some of her childhood in poverty, being raised by a single mother. With a personal blog with nearly half a million subscribers, a contract with the county school system to teach teens to be like her, and a job right under her master as his secretary at a bio-weapons company, she loves her excellent life.

When she is unexpectedly confront by her master's mistress, everything changes. This woman snuck in right under her nose to threaten her way of life, her reputation, her marriage, and her idea of how great she is.

Now it's up to Erika to figure out a way to keep multiple women out of her marriage without losing her status, her master, her mind, her freedom, or her sanity. How far will she have to go to keep up appearance?

Follow Erika's journey from vixen, to victim, to victor, to villain.

From the author who brought you 'Feign: Volume 1' comes a psychological thriller that will leave you stunned until the very last line.

Available at Barnes and Noble,, and other major online retailers April 1st, 2017.

Show Her

Feign: A Poetic Collection (Volume 1)

Poetry | Contemporary Poetry | American Poetry


This isn't your grandmother's poetry.

Described as "like a chocolate box," Feign offers a wide array of subject matter, perspectives, and writing styles that keep readers engaged from Evermore to Linger . Feign is a collection of poetry that everyone can enjoy. Get your copy and find your new favorite piece today!

Reader Comments (

"You can feel the passion, pain, joy, sorrow and rawness of each piece." --Penjamin N.

"I felt alive..." ---Donna C.

"...very entertaining and thought provoking..." ---Charles C.

"No, T.L. Curtis has no regards for staying inside of any of the typical boxes of what you have been told to view as acceptable and makes no apologies for it." ---Shix B.

"T.L. Curtis has captured the true spirit of human emotion in the simplest, most passionate way possible." --Mackenna J.

"I even continued reading when I KNEW I should have been sleeping." --Donnica C.

"A raw, gritty read about real life situations with real life feelings of pain, sorrow, love, joy, and a passionate heart." ---Lisa S.

Feign 1