About Us

It Started with a Love for Reading...

The idea behind Volo Press has been cooking for nearly 3 decades. Since before I could read, my father used to read books to me nearly daily. I grew up watching my mother read voraciously and write some of the most articulate literature I've ever seen. So, when I got the ABC's under my belt, I started writing my own poems, songs, and short stories. Loving reading and loving writing was a constant in my life, even as I struggled through a multitude of jobs (teaching assistant, pizza delivery driver, chemical dependency technician, grocery store cashier, licensed master social worker, etc.) until I finally decided to focus my energy on literature.

Volo Press is meant to be a place for readers to learn more about new products, hear about new works being published, and share their own love and appreciation for literature from week to week. My hope is that you will share this site with friends and family who are known bookworms so that they can join in the fun!


What's Next?

I'm currently planning to bring more physical Volo Press sites to the Atlanta area. Keep your eyes peeled!


--T. L. Curtis, LMSW

Volo Press, LLC

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