January, 2017

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Meme: Summary of My Graduate School Experience

A+ every time. ^_^!

Character Development: Children’s Roles: Scapegoat

Creating a Scapegoat for your story can help make characters more realistic in the eyes of the reader. __________   What are Children’s Roles? Children’s roles are a specific set of coping mechanisms that children tend to develop throughout chaotic situations in their childhood. This could include the loss ofRead More

Book Review: The Challenge (Christopher Kokoski)

If you’re trying to spread the gospel, The Challenge is here to help make it a little easier. ______________________________   What is The Challenge About? The Challenge is a non-fiction work meant to help spread Christianity to non-believers. The idea is to have them read through a series of thoughtsRead More

Character Development: Write the Walk

Who knew you could tell so much about a character from the way they walk?!   __________ It may seem like an odd trait to focus on, but the various aspects of someone’s walk can be a great avenue for expressing things about their personality. In my experience as aRead More

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