December, 2016

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3 Hot Pens That Love Your Budget

Here are a few pens that give you a little taste of luxury without sending you to the poorhouse. __________   Pens range in price from a few pennies to over a million dollars. Some pens you wouldn’t mind tossing after one use, others become life-long accessories. Finding a pen thatRead More

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3 Major Health Benefits of Reading

Your love of reading is not only fun, it’s probably helping to keep you mentally fit in these three ways. __________ Reduced Stress When our minds become overwhelmed with everyday tasks or even one major life crisis, our brains don’t function at their best. For your number-lovers, reading books hasRead More

Character Development: Children’s Roles: The Family Hero

Creating a Family Hero for your story can help strengthen character motivations and make your readers relate to them more. __________ What are Children’s Roles? Children’s roles are a specific set of coping mechanisms that children tend to develop throughout chaotic situations in their childhood. This could include the lossRead More,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNGQCg9JwAv6ZzxN7HDo0ekRr2DclA&ust=1482212427691600

Character Development: Always

Character development and plot management: Used just right, ‘always’ can get someone dumped (and maybe even divorced!).   __________   “Always” could be used to initiate a feelings of distance and judgement in a relationship that eventually lead to a breakup. The person using the word would often be theRead More

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